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Psychological Testing

Quality evaluations by knowledgeable clinicians

Comprehensive Psychological Testing
Our practice provides psychological testing and evaluation services for a range of concerns and referring questions. We adopt a thorough approach to psychological assessment. This approach includes a clinical interview, administration of psychological tests and self-report questionnaires, and review of relevant records. When appropriate, we request a release of information to gather information from collateral sources.

Psycho-Educational Testing
We have extensive experience conducting testing for learning disorders, ADHD, and giftedness. Our practice offers this testing to individuals ages 6 and older. Our priority is to offer thorough evaluations to accurately diagnose learning, attention, and emotional difficulties. Our clinicians then offer recommendations to help maximize academic performance and improve emotional health.

Additional Services
1. Documentation of relevant test results to a school, college/university, or employer

2. Consultation with school personnel, tutors, or college/university office of disability services

3. Brief follow up testing to assess the effectiveness of tutoring or academic accommodations

4. Documentation for disability accommodations

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